Be the fun parent

I realise this is a strange title and can give the incorrect impression, so read on to see what I mean.

I’m one of those people who can’t sit still and do nothing. Put a different way, I seldom sit still…period. I always find something to do, or think of something I should be doing, or remember something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but haven’t had a chance to do – yadayadaya! So when my son says “Hey Mom, let’s go for a bike ride”, it’s a great opportunity to get out and about and do something active and enjoyable with him.

It finally stopped raining and we’ve enjoyed a week of warmer, sunnier weather so the other day after school was the perfect opportunity.
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No Christmas decorations yet please!

Every year I’m amazed at how early the Christmas decorations are up and for sale in the local shops and I know many people absolutely love seeing them up, and I do too, but not in October.


My personal rule is that although I can start thinking about and planning for Christmas, I don’t want to actually see it until at least the middle of November. Any decorations we decide to put up don’t go up until after 1 December at the earliest.

I was in the local shopping centre last week and was shocked that one of the fancy gift/life-style shops already has two Christmas trees on display. Granted, they were beautifully decorated and although the actual mall hadn’t yet begun to hang their decorations and to their credit, not a bar of Christmas music was playing, I still think it’s way too early. It wasn’t even half way through October! How can we wish a quarter of the year away?

Not to be a grinch, but the schools¬†have just started Term 4, Spring is only now coming alive, we still have Halloween to get through (although admittedly I’m not the greatest of fans) and then we have November. My favourite month of the year. And that’s purely for selfish reasons because my birthday is at the end of this special month. And my Dad’s, and my two brothers, and a¬†nephew, and a niece, and my husband’s cousin, and my sister-in-law, a couple of friends, my Granny…and I’m sure I can think of a few more people. I don’t want to discount any of their celebrations. Come on people! And not to mention the advent calendars in the supermarket.

So I’ll be boycotting any shops that display Christmas attractions in October – it’s just too early and they’re jumping the gun.